Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Currently working on...

I'm working on Beta 2 version, the GUI is the same as Beta 1 but debugged and it contains a new feature which the user can choose during Wizard so NG will add all programs in computer to trusted applications so after reboot there will be very little amount of alerts (if any).

tomorrow I'm going to start GUI part of this feature.

those of you who are interested in beta-testing NG, please send me an email at and also write a little bit about yourself.

I'll write about some bugs which is now corrected. I will write about other HIPS softwares here ASAP.

I'm very positive about NG, it does have very nice performance by considering very detailed filtering.

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Krazaf said...

Neoava Guard Beta 1 is an excellent software!Thank you for providing a such great software!
I think if the configurations are more flexible,it would be better(eg. the position of registry that we want to monitor)
And also,if possible,monitoring the low level disk access,this can protect the user from Trojan.KillDisk.
I hope my comment can help you to improve the future version of Neoava Guard Beta 2.