Monday, August 20, 2007

Still debugging....

Its been a long time from my last post, NG beta 3 debugging is still countinues and also some requested features in the support forum added to Beta 3. If you have any suggestion/request or bug report you can post it in support forum. Many bugs fixed but still a lot more testing is needed to have a stable version, I ask anyone interested in HIPS to download and install latest build of NG from support forum, test it and post any bug, suggestion or feature request there.

Here is a copy of Neoava Guard Beta 3 progress log:


Adding more registry keys for protection - [COMPLETED]
Kernel debugging protection - [COMPLETED]
Protection against disabling task manager and regedit - [COMPLETED]
Change execution alert to High risk - [COMPLETED]
Hide empty Groups - [COMPLETED]

Update (05 Aug 2007):
Learning-Mode option for Wizard - [COMPLETED]
Removing outbound connection - [COMPLETED]

Update (18 Aug 2007):
Debug output - [COMPLETED]
Silent mode - [COMPLETED]
Adding dll name to Global hook alert - [COMPLETED]
Installation warning about alerted windows file - [COMPLETED]
Fix icons - [COMPLETED]
Terminate option in alert window - [COMPLETED]

Executable modified alert - [PENDING]
An option to skip scanning programs in Wizard - [PENDING]
Adding hot-keys - [PENDING]
Configure button in wizard to add more executables - [PENDING]
Option to import and export all rules and configuration - [PENDING]
Reverse alert name and risk (also service) - [PENDING]

Graphical guide - [PENDING]
Help file - [PENDING]

Isearch adware BSOD - [FIXED]
Service status error - [MOST_LIKELY_FIXED]
"Clear log" bug - [MOST_LIKELY_FIXED]

Update (05 Aug 2007):
Prueba trojan freeze - [FIXED]

Update (18 Aug 2007):
Tray icon bugs - [MOST_LIKELY_FIXED]

MS File sharing bug - [PENDING]

You can check latest progress from this thread.