Thursday, February 26, 2015

Download of Neoava Guard Beta 3

This has been such a long time, almost like a dead man rising from grave. But just wanted to provide a link to latest setup of NG. 

Warning: Neoava Guard setup linked is a beta software. It is especially old, from 2007, and has not been update since. So use it at your own risk. This is just for reference and just to keep Neoava Guard available around. 

Such a long time from then!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Suspending NG development

I'm sorry to say this but after trying to continue NG development along with my new work and my new life, finally I decided to suspend NG development for a few months untill I have more time to spend on it. Cuz NG development needs my mind to be focused on it and currently this is impossible.

And to all NG fans: Don't worry this is not an end to NG project, its development will continue, be sure.

This is your help and support which keep me from ending this project. I will do my best to respond your support by developing the NG, the best free HIPS.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Still debugging....

Its been a long time from my last post, NG beta 3 debugging is still countinues and also some requested features in the support forum added to Beta 3. If you have any suggestion/request or bug report you can post it in support forum. Many bugs fixed but still a lot more testing is needed to have a stable version, I ask anyone interested in HIPS to download and install latest build of NG from support forum, test it and post any bug, suggestion or feature request there.

Here is a copy of Neoava Guard Beta 3 progress log:


Adding more registry keys for protection - [COMPLETED]
Kernel debugging protection - [COMPLETED]
Protection against disabling task manager and regedit - [COMPLETED]
Change execution alert to High risk - [COMPLETED]
Hide empty Groups - [COMPLETED]

Update (05 Aug 2007):
Learning-Mode option for Wizard - [COMPLETED]
Removing outbound connection - [COMPLETED]

Update (18 Aug 2007):
Debug output - [COMPLETED]
Silent mode - [COMPLETED]
Adding dll name to Global hook alert - [COMPLETED]
Installation warning about alerted windows file - [COMPLETED]
Fix icons - [COMPLETED]
Terminate option in alert window - [COMPLETED]

Executable modified alert - [PENDING]
An option to skip scanning programs in Wizard - [PENDING]
Adding hot-keys - [PENDING]
Configure button in wizard to add more executables - [PENDING]
Option to import and export all rules and configuration - [PENDING]
Reverse alert name and risk (also service) - [PENDING]

Graphical guide - [PENDING]
Help file - [PENDING]

Isearch adware BSOD - [FIXED]
Service status error - [MOST_LIKELY_FIXED]
"Clear log" bug - [MOST_LIKELY_FIXED]

Update (05 Aug 2007):
Prueba trojan freeze - [FIXED]

Update (18 Aug 2007):
Tray icon bugs - [MOST_LIKELY_FIXED]

MS File sharing bug - [PENDING]

You can check latest progress from this thread.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

NG Beta 3 being tested by Smokey's forum users

OK, after a long hard work, NG gets ready for a harder test by Smokey's security forums users. I'm inviting all my NG serious users to download it from Smokey's forums in this thread. Of course you can join there if you are not a member yet.

Having a support forum makes things a lot easier, especially for reporting bugs and debugging them while everyone can see others problems and tell if they have such problem or not. It is also very good for other kind of feedback, for example when a user suggests some feature or option other users can tell me their opinion about them so I can decide better.

Nothing more to say, just a screenshot from Neoava Guard extension for Explorer.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Neoava Guard Support Forum

As NG Beta 3 is almost ready for the release, NG Support Forum started on Smokey's Security Forums.

NG forums on Smokey's Security Forums consists of 3 parts:
  • Neoava Guard Support Neoava Guard Related Issues, with exception of discovered bugs. Please report bugs in the special Bug Reports Forum.
  • Neoava Guard Knowledge Base Neoava Guard Knowledge Base/FAQ Forum. Users can start here multiple topics but cannot reply in others. Please read the Neoava Guard Knowledge Base Forum Rules before posting.
  • Neoava Guard Bug Reports Please report here all Neoava Guard bugs.

Smokey's Security Forums:

You can join Smokey's Security Forums and post bug reports or questions about NG there.

I hope to see you there.