Sunday, October 28, 2007

Suspending NG development

I'm sorry to say this but after trying to continue NG development along with my new work and my new life, finally I decided to suspend NG development for a few months untill I have more time to spend on it. Cuz NG development needs my mind to be focused on it and currently this is impossible.

And to all NG fans: Don't worry this is not an end to NG project, its development will continue, be sure.

This is your help and support which keep me from ending this project. I will do my best to respond your support by developing the NG, the best free HIPS.


Anonymous said...

salam .
bah bah agha armane gol .
koja hasti nemibinimet pesare khoob .
chand rooz ahvalete az khoonatoon porsidam .. goftan nisti .. !
hala kojayi allaho al-am ... :-"
yehoyi zad be saram esme to search konam .. midoonestam ye jayi too neti :))
koone laghe dars o ke hesabi elam kardi ... vase refigh ro fagha chi ... ?
hala age gofti man kiam ?
albat .. kheili vaghti update nakardi .. ehtemalan nayay bebini ...
vali man baz miam
zemnan axetam kheili khafane ha !

Arman Nayyeri said...

:-? nemidoonam ki hasti.... ba emailam tamas begir:

arman4 (at)