Friday, July 28, 2006


there is a dozen of suggestion from Navin, I leave the completely GUI-related suggestions for the first release version as I plan to make big changes in GUI for first non-beta release.

- It might be a conflict but often the "Executable options" can´t load, I get the following error: "error ReadRegString failed". And then Neoavaguard.exe will crash. This is quite a serious bug.

It's debugged before.

- I see that there isn´t a way to delete an entry from the "Executable
options" window? This should be changed. I mean if a process is not trusted
or does not have any special permissions (or violations) it should not be
on the list constantly.
- About "My Protected Files", isn´t it a good idea to make this work like
Hide Folders XP? I´m not sure if it´s working correctly at the moment and
it can even be dangerous, because if not correctly used, the OS will not
start anymore.

They will be fixed by changing GUI, the first one is actally something which can be is easily done as it is supported by lower parts. Actually there will be clean-up option, which will also automatically ask user to remove these executable entries.
The second one needs some filters so it does not allow critical files to become unaccessible by system processes.

- You should have the ability to password protect Neoava Guard´s GUI, with
that I mean that as a non-admin you should be able to see the settings but
you shouldn´t be able to change anything and can´t allow (only deny)
certain behavior when prompted by an alert, unless you have a password.

This is also a very good feature which will be applied by new GUI.

- I think you should make a difference between "Services" and
"Drivers" in the "Custom security" settings. If I´m correct drivers (.sys
files) are used to install rootkits and can be more dangerous than Services
(.exe files).

Thats right, I will try to apply this today, I'll report back.

thank you Navin!


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