Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alert dialog


Alert dialog finished, here is some snapshots:

Note: GUI is in Advanced mode

It is small window that will be displayed with a Always-On-Top property, but if the client GUI was not loaded yet (e.g before user login) then the old alert window will be displayed by NG service.

With this dialog I've tried to make it easier for users to configure their executables and rules with just a few clicks.

Send your suggestion/ideas.



Anonymous said...

An automated scan for all existing exes and put on a easily viewable trusted whitelist would be a good addition.

Arman Nayyeri said...


Automated scan is unnecessary, because NG will group installed programs automatically, so in a common PC most executables will be added. And automated scan for all executables takes a lot of time which is not good.

Regarding viewable white list, its a good idea and can make everything more clear to user too. Added to wizard to-do list.

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas

Unknown said...

Hi all,

Thanks Arman for this news screens

Maintaning a white list is a very hard job if you don't have some kind of community share.

"Bon Courage" Arman

Hope next news will be the link to beta 3 ;-)

Anonymous said...

Was sorta meaning an auto scan of your own PC's exes to place on an easily viewable and editable whitelist.

A community whitelist would just be far too big.

See you over at Wilders mab69.;)

Quite a few of us are waiting to test and see if we can compromise the upcoming new release. :)

Arman Nayyeri said...

Yes, you will see a list of scanned executables, so you can choose trusted ones from list. But this time more organized and unlike previous versions there will be no hidden trusted executables.

MaB, if I had a programming and graphic team then you could see link to beta 3 in the next post, but unfortunately I'm working alone and it takes quite some time for the GUI to be ready.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will have ring 0 protection and will protect itself aganst all types of termination.

Here is a link to a few tests.

Anonymous said...

Redone link:

Anonymous said...

New GUIs are very pretty and helpful.
Three requests:
-1- possibility to manually add entries of registry to be protected by NG
-2- possibility of "clear"/manage the executable list (NG remember also software uninstalled)
-3- increasing protection of executable other than NG by NG ... i.e. the ability of NG to stop termination attacks on other processes.
See here if you have time:

I want to pick the occasion in order thank you for your wonderful security software that I consider the best one than all both free than expensive.

Really really thanks!

(I'm a linux user, so I'd like to have some kind of security when I've to work under windows)

Greetings from Italy,

Arman Nayyeri said...

-1- will be available in later versions
-2- added to new GUI
-3- you can already mark an executable as secured so NG protects it from all kinds of termination attacks

Thank you very much J.

Anonymous said...

How's it progressing Arman?Release soon hopefully.