Sunday, May 20, 2007

Applications Tab

Sorry I forgot to put Applications tab snapshots, Applications tab was ready a few days ago.

I'm currently working on configuration tab and there will be a little delay in release.

Here is the snapshots:

Thank you for your suggestions, ideas and support.


Anonymous said...

hi ,i am just that chinese user.when i used ng 1.20 ,i found the option "protect my file"is not work,i mean that i made a rule ,but the rule did not protect my file.i don't know why it is,so please you check it ,and i hope i can use ng 1.30 early.good luck.

Arman Nayyeri said...

Make sure the file accessed by an untrusted application, for example explorer is trusted and can access those files, bypassing NG filters. It doesn't seem to have any problem here.

Anonymous said...

o.i see.thank u,it is just my fault.looking forward to ng 1.30.