Friday, January 19, 2007

News is up and running, everything is OK!

The news is that the new version of Neoava Guard will have some amazingly innovative stuff which make the this HIPS unique in ease of use among other HIPS.

Against the last two beta's which focused on just protecting against more attack ways, this time features added to comfort beginner users, and also provide a highly flexible configuration for advanced users.

In previous versions most users can't find a lot of configs etc.., but in next version everything can be configured from several places, the new interface allow users to change options/rules by few clicks.

4 completely new concepts added to increase ease of use, integration to system and installed programs, Internet attacks protection and overall protection. This completely new features allow NG to minimize alerts and most things automatically done (although can be configured not to be done automatically).

There will be a little visual tutorial along with NG next version to help people just know how to protect their computer using NG.

I will publish the new beta version to public and will update it every 2 weeks or so until no more bugs reported. Then the first non-beta version will be released.

I estimate the new beta to be ready for public release around mid March.

This time I promise the new version can make it as the best HIPS available on net, not only among the free ones but also others.

I will just keep it free, not to help people protect their computers (which will be done anyways) but to show how powerful Neoava Guard is and how creative I am in programming.

Just wait and see, cuz u aint seen nothin yet!


Anonymous said...

Very good news Arman. I'm looking forward to the release.

Anonymous said...

Your NG is very powerful, thank you and congratulations for awesome job!

Katagiri said...

Looks cool! I think I'm going to check for myself. I'm glad someone is running a project like that.