Sunday, February 25, 2007

Look at the new version

Although GUI is still under development but the new version should look like this:

the best way to help me is sending your ideas/suggestions.
more pictures coming soon....


Anonymous said...

Can you provide screenshots of the other tabs?


Arman Nayyeri said...

other tabs: I will post them as soon as possible

Unknown said...

Hi Arman,

I wish to thank you for your very great product

Here some suggestions :

Maintenance task to delete rules related to non existant executables

Self protection for the service and in case of attack, the service could relaunch the UI process

Hidden files/process detection

More Registry keys monitoring ( like IE settings or system settings (regedit actived/disabled))

Keylogging detection (GetKeyState, GetAsyncKeyState and DirectX request interception)

Hope this will help you

Waiting to test the next beta


PS : apologizes for my bad english